School Report Writing Features

Easy school reporting for teachers

Easy school reporting for teachers

The easy interface allows teachers to quickly work through each student (search by individual, class, year, group), free typing or selecting from their own comment bank.

You also have the ability to add in photos and video via the app and then add them to a report. Capture moments and tag them to a student with your own comments. Reports can be previewed in full at any time, providing an overall picture for a student.

Simple for schools

We work with you to set up and customise Report Writer for your school. Using a simple export from your school management system (such as SIMS) we import all relevant information.

Each student has a profile card where all of their information can easily be viewed and edited including profile photo, report comments, attendance, grading/levels and media.

Personalised dashboard

The dashboard contains a snapshot of a teachers status for all of their reporting activity.

Quickly navigate around latest reports, filter and search, view key dates, messages and to-dos all from the dashboard.

Report Writer is responsive to work across all devices (computer, tablets and mobiles) and the simple navigation makes report writing and publishing fast and rewarding.

Beautifully published school reports

Once reports are completed they can be printed, exported to PDF and viewed using the app.

The design of the report is customised for your school, featuring a beautiful front cover and perfectly formatted content. Photos are published to the PDF and video content can be enjoyed by parents online and through the app.

Parents/guardians can leave feedback on the report and schools can see who has accessed and read reports on the admin dashboard.